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1229 South Street, Redding, CA 96001
Phone: 530-225-8900, FAX: 530-225-8909

Office: August 1996

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Forestry Consultants - Timber Harvest Plans

Shasta Land Management Consultants, registered professional foresters, have been providing professional forestry and environmental planning services throughout Northern California since 1980. Our clients include non-industrial private landowners, industrial private landowners, large utilities, and public land management agencies.

The business is a General Partnership owned by James D. Chapin and Frank S. Borden, both registered professional foresters.

Our regular permanent staff, including the partners, consists of three registered professional foresters (RPF's), one wildlife biologist and two forestry technicians.  We hire additional foresters and forestry technicians, as seasonal employees, on an "as needed" basis during the field season. For more specific information:

Forestry Cost-Share Funds Available

The California Department of Forestry (CDF) has announced that approximately 2.2 million dollars will be available for the California Forest Improvement Program (CFIP).  CFIP money can be used to reimburse forest landowner expenses for certain improvement practices on their land.   Contact us for more information.

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1229 South Street
Redding, CA 96001

Phone: 530-225-8900
FAX: 530-225-8909