Private Forest Land & Timber Harvest Plans

forestry-workerWhat can Shasta Land Management Consultants do for you? As consulting foresters, we help individual land owners make the most of their valuable forest property. For example, we can help you:

Plan what you want from your forest. Your forest can be an income-producing investment. It can be a recreational haven for your family and friends. It can be a rich wildlife habitat. Or it can be all of these. We’ll work with you to develop a management plan so you get the most out of you forest.

Get the best value for your timber. We help our clients get the best price for timber. A university study revealed that when timber is sold through forestry consultants, landowners get 20% more than when they arrange the sales themselves.

Take care of logging details. When its time to harvest, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that we’ll solicit bids for logging, prepare a contract between you and the logger, and administer the contract. This work includes preparation of the Timber Harvest Plan.

At Shasta Land Management Consultants, a major part of our workload in the past ten years has been the preparation of timber harvest plans (THP’s) on private forestlands. The plans must be prepared by an RPF and must meet all requirements of the California State Forest Practices Act. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection administers the Forest Practice Act. These plans include sale layout, marking and cruising, road location and design, logging system planning, erosion control, archeology, and wildlife habitat mitigation. These plans require a cumulative impact report on the entire watershed where the timber harvest plan is located.

In addition to preparing the Timber Harvest Plan, we can also market forest products, prepare the logging contract, and supervise the harvest activities on most of the plans. We average 10 to 15 timber harvest plans per year on private land.

Maintain a sustainable forest. We will guide you through the decisions surrounding reforestation to make your forest a sustainable source of lumber and wood fiber. We’ll also explain forest management tools like vegetation control, which can enhance forest growth and returns as well as help increase food sources for the game and wildlife populations of your forest.

Improve your forest legacy. Improving the growth, health and quality of your forest legacy is a continuing service we provide. In addition, we can develop a harvesting and reforestation plan – working with your other professional advisors to take income and estate tax laws into consideration – so you and your heirs can afford to keep the forest in the family, as well as continue to enjoy its recreational and financial benefits.

Other Management Services. You can call on us for a variety of specific services that can help you enjoy greater benefits from your forest investment. these include:

  • Land and timber appraisals
  • Forestland acquisition
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Hunting lease management
  • Fire protection and management of hazardous fuels
  • Mapping and aerial photography
  • Herbicide contractor selection
  • Liaison with government land management agencies

We also provide professional forestry services for large timber-owning companies such as for
Roseburg Resources, Sierra Pacific, W.M. Beaty & Associates, and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E).
Services provided include timber sale preparation, marking and cruising of salvage sales, green timber sales, and biomass thinning sales on Company land, and preparation of Timber Harvest Plans.

In 1995 and 1996, SLMC planned and prepared a timber harvest plan on 2,600 acres of Pacific Gas and Electric Company land and administrated the logging contract to harvest 14 million board feet of timber. Over the past fifteen years we have prepared forest management plans for over 150 private landowners in Northern California and completed forest improvement projects on the plans including salvage harvest, reforestation, precommercial thinning, erosion control, fuel reduction, and wildlife habitat improvement.